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“Japan National Railways” was the largest Railroad Company in Japan.

30 years ago, it was privatized.

Now we called it “Japan railways=JR”


It is divided into 6 parts.

JR Hokkaido

JR East

JR Central

JR West

JR Shikoku

JR Kyushu

Osaka and Kyoto are included in JR West Japan.


Most famous train is Shinkansen fast and convenient.

But local train is interesting.

They sell nice ticket 3 times in a year

“Seisyun 18 Kippu (青春18切符)”

Youth 18 years ticket.

But all generations can use this ticket.

It means “Please you enjoy your jenny

for a feeling such as 18 years old”

Winter time

Period of use: 10th December to 10th

Sales period: 1st December to 31st December.

Spring time

Period of use: 1st March to 10 April.

Sales period: 20th February to 31st March

Summer time

Period of use: 20th July to 10th September

Sales period: 1st July to 31st August.

(The date little bit changes every year,

please check it JR ticket counter)

5days    11,500 yen

You can choose 5 days in period of use.

You can move all over Japan.

This ticket can use local and rapid.

But I found nice ticket for foreigner in this Home page.

Please check here. I envy…


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