Clothes in December

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Clothes in December at Osaka and Kyoto.

The coldest season is January and February in Japan.

December is cold,

lowest Temperature about 2℃~5℃

highest temperature about 10℃~13℃

in a day.

Recently, I need a wool coat and a sweater.

End of December, I will need  a down jacket.

I wear a tights underpants.


If I stay in Japan for a week, I would bring these clothes.

Pants … 2 (Jeans, Chinos, Wool pants)

Skirt … 1

Long sleeve T-shirt … 3

Shirt … 2

Sweater … 1~2 (Thin and slightly thick)

Tights … 2~3

Stall or Muffler … 1(Very useful)

This list include the clothes when I going on a trip.

Please refer.

I wrote before,

Still if you feel cold, please buy

a disposable Hand Warmer(Cairo) at Convenience store.

What is the meaning Cairo (懐炉)

懐(Cai)= Bosom

炉(Ro)= Furnace

The Furnace to put in the Boson.

There are a type to put in a pocket

and stick on shirt.

See you!!




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