Clothes in March

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March is getting warm in Japan.

If you are lucky, you will see cherry blossoms bloom.

near the end of March.

Flowering expectation

28th March (Start)

1st,2nd,3rd April is best season.(I think)

The season of cherry blossom brume

is very short, about a week.

lowest Temperature about 4℃~6℃

highest temperature about 10℃~16℃

in a day.

In the Morning and Night is cold.

The day time is warm.

Now, I need light down jacket or down vest.

But I will change to a light overcoat in the middle of this month.

If I stay in Japan for a week, I would bring these clothes.

Pants … 2 (Jeans, Chinos)

Skirt … 1

Long sleeve T-shirt … 2


Shirt … 2

Sweater … 1~2

Tights … 2

Stall or scarf … 1(Very useful)

Light overcoat…1

This list includes the clothes when I am going on a trip.

Please refer.

See you!!




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