Diary Japan climate

What clothes to bring to Japan in April

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When you Come to Japan,
it is trovleful to choose your Clothes in your countory.
Please refer this tittle.

April is one of the best months in Japan!!

The climate is very good for traveling in Japan.
And there are many seasonal food you can eat in Spring.
Edible wild plants, Bamboo shoot, Fish called Tai (sea bream),Shellfish(Asari and Hamaguri)etc


Lowest Temperature about 12℃~14℃

Highest temperature about 19℃~20℃
in a day.

A little cold in the Morning and Night.
The day time is warm.
I have at least a light jacket.

If I stay in Japan for a week, I would bring these clothes.


Pants … 2 (Jeans, Chinos)

Skirt … 1

Long sleeve T-shirt … 2


Shirt … 2

Light Sweater … 1

Stall … 1(Very useful)

Light jacket…1

This list includes the clothes when I am going on a trip.

Please refer.

See you!!

-Diary, Japan climate



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