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Osaka Expo park National Museam of Ethnology is Fun!!

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Osaka Expo park is very nice place for children.
There are lots of playgrounds and two Museum.
Seasonal flowers are blooming.


Information of Expo park

Opened:9:30-16:30(Closing gate:17:00)

Closed days:
Wednesday (Except Holiday Wednesdays)
December 28th – January1st

Entrance fee(Natural and Cultural Gardens and Japanese Gardens)

Adult(over 15 years) 250 yen
Children(7-15years) 70 yen
Children(under 7 years) Free

(Museum and Pavilion is Extra charge)


Today I started on the Hankyu line from Umeda station. (Same area as JR Osaka Station)
Hankyu Umeda Station(阪急梅田駅)ー Hankyu Hotarugaike Station(阪急蛍池駅)
transfer Osaka monorail line Hotarugaike Station – Banpaku-Kinen-koen station.
Banpaku-kinen-koen station to National Museum of Ethnology is
15 minutes on foot through the park.

National Museam of Ethnology

There is the Museum in an Expo park.
This park is a nice place too.

A special Exhibition

A “Tower of the Sun” Collection Expo’70 Ethnological Mission.
A’ Tower of the Sun’ was of Expo’70 in Osaka.

2018 March 8th (thu.)~May 29th(thu.)
10:00~16:30 closed: Wednesday

Information of National Museam of Ethnology

Wednesday (Except Holiday Wednesdays)
December 28th – January1st

Admission ticket

Adult: 420 yen
Over 65 years: 350 yen
Students 250 yen
Children Free

There were Ethnic articles

around the base of A ‘Tower of the Sun’ when Expo’70 opened.
After Expo’70, these  Ethnic articles were moved to this Museum.

Precious World Mask Collection in the Museum



Art workshop(Free)

I tried to make a mask.
They gave me a Mask pattern and I drew the Mask.
The staff praised me.
“I could draw it well in a short time”
I am an adult…


Many people tried it. (It is free)

Main Building. Design of a famous Japanese architect


A Main Building architecture was designed by Kisho Kurokawa.
He was a popular archtect in Japan.(1934-2007)
He had some of his work in the world.
Kuala Lumpur International Airport(Singapore)
,Van Gogh Museum(Netherlands),Astana City planning (Kazakhstan), etc

What kinds of Ethnic articles in the permanent exhibition?

The Museum did a lot of work on collecting
many Masks and statues of gods from all over the world.
Materials of clothes, meals, residences of ethnic groups.



They have archives of nice Japanese culture.

You can watch the some videos in English.

You can enjoy a day for a 420 yen admission ticket.

See you on our next trip!!


-Few foreign tourist, History, Osaka



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