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Clothes in November

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November is a nice climate.

It is cool and pleasant.

If you come to Japan, it is one of the best season,

November and December.

It is cold in the morning

and evening and a little hot during the day.

If I stay in Japan for a week, I would bring these clothes.

  • Pants … 2 (Jeans or Chinos)
  • Skirt … 1
  • Long sleeve T-shirt … 3
  • Shirt … 3
  • Light sweater … 1~2 (or sweatshirt)
  • Jacket … 1 (Windbreaker, Light coat, Fleece)

If you feel more cold,

Go to UNIQLO and get “Heat Tech”.

It is very nice underwear.


Get a disposable hand warmer. (We call it “Kairo”)

Selling it at convenience stores. (About 1 piece 100 yen)

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