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Popular sweets in the back alleys of KyotoThe round and cute figure is “Amairo is coffee and taiyaki”. Taiyaki (a popular fish-shaped confection filled with bean paste or custard).


Store information: Amairo Taiyaki


Taiyaki sweets Sweet and Coffee shop
242 Kugigakure-cho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8423
Closed: Tuesdays (open on public holidays), irregular holidays on Mondays
Business hours: 12:00-18:30 Last order: 18:00

Payment is cash only
sometimes sold out

Taiyaki is a beloved Japanese sweet that has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike.

Shaped like a fish, taiyaki is a crispy, pancake-like batter filled with delightful fillings. Traditionally, it is filled with sweet red bean paste, known as “anko,” which offers a smooth and velvety texture complemented by its subtle sweetness. However, modern variations have expanded the range of fillings to include custard, chocolate, matcha, and even savory options like cheese or sweet potato.
The charm of taiyaki lies not only in its delectable fillings but also in its unique shape. The fish-shaped mold is reminiscent of the sea and adds a playful touch to the treat. Taiyaki is typically made using hot iron griddles, which create a golden-brown, crispy exterior while keeping the inside soft and moist.
Today, taiyaki has become popular worldwide, with shops and stalls dedicated to this delightful treat popping up in various countries. Its unique blend of flavors, delightful appearance, and the comforting sensation it offers make taiyaki an iconic Japanese sweet that continues to captivate dessert enthusiasts around the globe.

The back alleys of Kyoto hold a captivating charm that beckons explorers to step off the well-trodden paths.

Nestled between ancient temples and traditional machiya houses, these narrow lanes reveal a glimpse into the city’s hidden treasures. Cobblestone streets, delicate lanterns, and secret gardens create an ambiance of serenity and mystery. Quaint shops, artisan workshops, and intimate cafes invite wanderers to discover local craftsmanship and indulge in authentic flavors. Every turn unveils a new surprise, whether it’s a tranquil teahouse, a captivating art gallery, or a secluded temple garden. The back alleys of Kyoto whisper stories of the past, where the spirit of tradition intertwines with modern creativity. It is in these hidden corners that one can truly embrace the essence of Kyoto, connecting with its rich cultural heritage and finding solace in the simplicity of everyday life.

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