Diary Kyoto Shopping

A place where you can find souvenirs for tourists and daily necessities for studying abroad You can buy cheap and fashionable goods from Daiso’s new brand “Standard Products”. I went to the Kyoto Shijo store in the city center.


Daiso Kyoto Shijo Dori
Open: 10:00 – 21:00
No regular holiday

100 yen shops offer a wide range of products, including household items, stationery, kitchenware, cosmetics, snacks, toys, clothing accessories, gardening tools, and more. The selection is diverse and often surprises visitors with the range of items available at such low prices.There are several popular 100 yen shop chains in Japan, such as Daiso, Seria, Can★Do, and Watts.

This time, I went to “Standard Products”, a shop in Daiso that doesn’t have a uniform price of 100 coins, but is inexpensive and has a great design.

They sell high-quality paper fans, hand towels, chopsticks, etc. that you can’t buy at 100-yen shops.
You can find many cute items such as rope pot holders and cups used when eating soba.Japanese knives were popular and sold out.

Japanese fans are both practical and beautiful. Traditional folding fans, known as sensu, are crafted from bamboo and delicate washi paper with stunning designs. They are perfect for keeping cool during hot summer days or as decorative items for display.

Please visit this shop as it is conveniently located in the center of Kyoto.

Japan is renowned for its tea culture, and a traditional Japanese tea set makes for a delightful and practical souvenir. Look for ceramic or porcelain sets, such as Matcha bowls (chawan), tea pots (kyusu), and tea cups (yunomi). They come in various designs and are often adorned with intricate patterns or hand-painted motifs.

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