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A wonder old man in Naha city Okinawa.

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Until a few years ago, Okinawa was number one longevity prefecture in Japan.

There are five reasons why Okinawa has a long life.

  • Okinawan traditional food is good for your health.
  • Sing and dance to enjoy everyday life.
  • There are many conversations between neighbors.
  • Climate is warm
  • People exercise such as walking and field work.

of fast food and car society, so the rank of longevity prefecture has dropped.

But the old man in Okinawa is bright and healthy! ! And they like talking.

The market in Okinawa is one of the tourist destinations. There are many ingredients that you do not see on the mainland.
I was touring the market because it has an arcade.
Then the old man spoke to me. “Have you ever seen a papaya tree?”
I said “No”

Shop Stores in “The First Makishi Public Market Naha City, Okinawa, Japan 

“I can show it, follow me” he said.
I think it is strange but if I feel a danger, I can run away.
And I followed him.
He went to a small beautiful garden behind the market and showed the papaya tree.
And after
All day long, he guided me to Okinawan plants and interesting places that only locals knew.

He told me the names of the plant, but it was a pity that I could not take notes because it was sudden thing.

Yachimun Street“ The area of pottery in Naha

Yachimun means pottery in Okinawan dialect.
Okinawan pottery has become very popular in recent years.
Yachimun is colorful, thick and simple. I also bought a small plate.
You can see traditional patterns as well as tableware made by young potters.

Japanese pottery fans should definitely visit ! !

It’s a great festival
The Tug of war festival in Naha monument

I didn’t know about this festival, but the old man was excited to explain it, so I checked after returning.
It’s a great festival!

The state of the Naha tug of war festival ↓↓↓

This festival has a history of over 400 years.
There are a men’s rope and a women’s rope, and the tug of war divided into east and west.
The total length of the rope is 200m, the diameter is 1m56cm, and the total weight is 40t. Tug of war with up to 15,000 people. This is a Guinness record.

2020 will be held on Sunday, October 11th. But this year it ’s affected by the coronavirus.

The old man guided me all day and also served me lunch at a local restaurant. What a kind old man.

Fairies have been living in Okinawa since ancient times. The fairy is called Kijimuna.
Most of the children have red hair, but sometimes they meet in the form of an old man.

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