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The Holiest site on Okinawa “Sefa Utaki””Sefa Utaki Unveiled: Journey into Okinawa’s Sacred Sanctuary and Embrace its Mystical Traditions and Spiritual Legacy”The Holiest site on Okinawa “Sefa Utaki”

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The main purpose of this trip was to visit “Sefa Utaki”
Okinawa has Ryukyu Shinto.
Ryukyu is the name of the kingdom until the Japanese government compulsorily merged with Okinawa.
Sefa Utaki is the most sacred place of worship in Okinawa.
There is a masonry altar in the subtropical forest.
It’s such a beautiful place.
After all, I visited about 10 large and small Utaki on this trip.




9:00 to 18:00
Last ticket sales 17:15 / Last admission 17:30
Final Ticket Sales 17:15 / Last Admission 17:30


9:00 to 17:30

Last ticket sales 16:45 / Last entry 17:00
Final Ticket Sales 16:45 / Last Admission 17:00

Please check before going as there are closed days.

Traffic conditions to Sefa Utaki

Most travelers use a rental car because the railway is not well developed in Okinawa. There are buses, but I can’t move freely.
There is also a sightseeing taxi.
Sefa Utaki is located in Nanjo City, which is 50 minutes by car from Naha by highway.
If you do not use the expressway, it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes.
You can see the beautiful sea as you cross the famous Ninai Kanai Bridge.

Great excitement! Arrived at Sefa Utaki

The sacredness of Sefa Utaki is attributed to its natural features and the spiritual energy it embodies. The area consists of several rock formations, caves, and stone pathways that are believed to connect the human world with the realm of gods and ancestors. The layout of the site reflects the cosmological beliefs of the Ryukyuan people, emphasizing harmony and balance with nature.

Visitors to Sefa Utaki can explore its serene pathways, passing through unique rock formations and ancient stone archways. The main shrine, known as Utaki Ibasho, is a significant focal point. It features sacred stones, altars, and a sacred tree, creating a sacred space for worship and contemplation.

The rituals conducted at Sefa Utaki are deeply rooted in Ryukyuan traditions. They involve purification ceremonies, prayers, and offerings to honor the deities and seek their blessings. Many visitors also come to Sefa Utaki for personal reflection, seeking spiritual guidance, or simply to immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere.

Due to its historical and cultural importance, Sefa Utaki was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. It serves as a testament to the unique spiritual practices and beliefs of the Ryukyuan people, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Okinawa.

Visiting Sefa Utaki provides a chance to connect with Okinawa’s spiritual legacy and appreciate the natural beauty of the island while experiencing a profound sense of reverence and tranquility.

I stopped the car at the parking lot and went to the ticket office.
Walk in the subtropical forest.
The road is well maintained. It takes about 1 hour.

One day, when I went to a bookstore and looked at a travel guidebook, this photo was posted. I wanted to go to this place.
Then I immediately prepared for the trip and went out.
You can see the sea behind the triangular rock hole.
In the sea there is a legendary island where God has come down.
It seems that the god created this holy site.
This island is called Kudakajima island.
The interesting part of this holy site has no building.
There are only stone steps like it in the photo below.

The stone altar

At one time, it was forbidden for men. Even the king had to mark himself like a woman when he entered this holy place.
In Okinawa Shinto, women are the highest goddesses.
She was positioned as the guardian deity of the king.
Your heart will be healed when you enter Utaki at located in nature.

This is not a pond, but a mark of a bomb dropped in a war.
I was afraid of the size.
In World War II Okinawa is the only place of ground warfare in Japan.
It is important to know the war through the images, but when I see the traces of a real war, the fear is transmitted to my body.
There are many war remains in Okinawa.

See you on our next trip!!

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