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The stunning blue sea of the Shakotan Peninsula Hokkaido

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Traveling in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
I went to Otaru in 30 minutes by train from Sapporo.
Otaru is a famous tourist destination for canals and brick warehouses.
Today, souvenir shops, pastry shops, and restaurants are lined up in a brick warehouse.

But where I wanted to go!
The palace of Herring millionaire!!


Let’s go by bicycle from Otaru
Easily enjoy the slopes with a rental electric bicycle.

The place of the herring palace is about 15 minutes away from JR Otaru station by car. It is located in the port called Shukutsu. You can use a taxi, but I decided to use bicycle because there was a rental bicycles shop in front of the station.
The day I visited was so sunny!
I was able to see a very beautiful seascape along the way.
Electric bicycles are recommended because the slopes are tight

I rented it at a rental bicycles shop near Otaru station.
“Kitarin”  The shop owner is very kind.
You can also leave your luggage.
Kitarin homepage↓

Photos from Otaru to   Shukutsu Port

Arrived at the herring palace!

The herring palace was built by a fisherman boss who was active about 150 years ago. The building doubled as a fisherman’s workshop, accommodation, and boss’s family home.
They made a lot of money from herring fishing.
The herring was sold all over Japan as food, fertilizer and kerosene.


Address 3-228, Shukutsu, Otaru-ctiy,

Release: Early April-late November 9: 00-17: 00
Closed: Late November-early April

Adult: Adult: 300 yen
High school students: 150 yen
Junior high school students: free

There is a lighthouse near the herring palace.
You can see the sea which is said to be blue of Shakotan.

On the way back, I took a sightseeing boat and returned to Otaru Port.
Bicycles also load on the sightseeing

I took a sightseeing boat to return to Otaru.
You can also load a bicycle.
It’s only 20 minutes, but you can feel like traveling by sea.
You can also see the terrain around Otaru.

When you leave, seagulls will follow.
You can buy seagull food.
I’m scared they will come very close.

The sea is very beautiful
It was not the sightseeing season, so I was the only customer on the sightseeing boat.
It felt like reservation!
The sailor explained the scenery.

Information of Tour boat Aobato 
Shukutsu port to Otaru port
Time required:20 minutes
Boarding fee :800 yen
Details can be found on the home page.


Lunch at a restaurant in Otaru taught by a sailor.

Before getting off the sightseeing boat, I asked the sailors about a delicious local restaurant.
It was a cheap and delicious restaurant.
Many ingredients used only in Hokkaido were used.

Cafe Ironai syoudo  (cafe 色内食堂 )

Lunch is less than 1000 yen.
This restaurant is on the second floor of the building.
Don’t mistake it for the soba restaurant on the first floor.

See you on our next trip!!

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